Friday, 15 August 2014


After brainstorming ideas and identifying a topic for the practical element, I carried out generic research into existing published material in regards to eating disorders/body image. I found that the main material published is in forms of promotional posters or advertising campaigns rather than something more factual and interactive, stimulating interest and thought opposed to simply 'shock' the viewer. It is obvious that the 'shock tactic' has not worked previously with a continuous rise in figures of eating disorders.

Below shows a collection of existing material in regards to body image/eating disorders.

True Blue Support Group
TRUE BLUE is a fictional non-profit organisation whose aim is to support young people.
True blue is an idiom, describing a very loyal and trustworthy person. This is also what the organisation aims to be for young people: a safe and reliable place where they can go to whenever they face problems, difficult circumstances or when they just need a listening ear. 

Offering a wide range of 24-hour telephone counselling service, eMail service, face-to-face counselling and self-help activity groups, the organisation‘s goal is the mental and emotional wellbeing of the young people. 

The 2014 Awareness Calendar was constructed by three classmates and I for our Undergraduate Senior Seminar class. We decided to create a calendar that was not only original and innovative but extremely useful. We created an awareness calendar based off the awareness of that specific month. It gives us a chance to have no limits to what our creativity could reach.
Only restricitions: Limited to a color palette of : Grayscale, Red & Yellow. Any colors extra were combined to make. & the number month grid was already set to not change throughout the entire calendar.
My Assigned Months:
February - Eating Disorder Awareness
June- Aphasia Awareness
October - Breast Cancer Awareness

The brief for this project was to create an informative and illustrative booklet based on the title ‘Myths and monsters’. I chose to base my booklet on mental illness. This booklet aims to educate the public by giving an artistic representation of ‘hidden monsters’, more commonly known as mental health problems. 
The first half of the booklet explores various serious mental health illnesses and provides informational facts about them. The second part of the booklet gives a positive outlook on mental illness including real interviews, stories and successful celebrities who live with mental illness.

A basic, and generic self-help guide published by the NHS, containing similar information to their corresponding website. This publication allows for information on the topic as well as symptom indication, however could be much more in-depth and engaging for the reader.

Info-graphic research poster exploring the growing obsession with body image.

Social awareness poster done for in partnership with Nova Southeastern University.


A selection of promotional posters and advertising campaigns. The majority of these posters feature 'shocking' photography and concepts allowing an initial major reaction or expression from the viewer.

Advert contains the famous Kate Moss tag line, "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels" engaging a connection with the audience and relevant target market.

'Models as Zoo Animals' Concept.