Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Based on the premise of designing a book acting almost as a timeline of the female figure, the research carried out and the information were collated and structured in order to transform magically into a beautiful coffee table book for leisurely reading. I began working on simplistic layouts keeping the imagery as a key focus, and began to digitise these. By keeping the imagery a key focus for the reader the figure and the changes shown and highlighted from year to year will be noticeable and apparent, as well as being the basis and the purpose of the book itself.

The developments of the practical design can be seen via the PDFs below. Each shows a progression to the next, including steps such as initial layout choices, imagery selection, font, body copy, fine details i.e. page numbers, contents page and index page, etc. I feel showing the saved drafts as I am working and designing is the best way to record aesthetic changes made.