Friday, 26 September 2014


After printing off an A4 draft (not to scale) of PDF 15 and mocking it up as perfect bound book, I didn't feel too thrilled with the aesthetics, and after discussing with my collaborative partner Bethany Dalzell, I received feedback backing up my thoughts. It was also pointed out by Beth that even though I stated its a seamless timeline, whilst referencing using the index page and keeping track of the year can be difficult. To avoid this problem, I wanted to ensure I added the year for each image in some manner for extra clarity and structure for the reader. On top of this, I felt it would also enhance the layout.
Furthermore the cost of printing the coffee table book I had in mind was too expensive, I had to reconsider the printed publication before progressing further. 
I took the advice of Francis, at GRG Print and looked at Blurb Photo books; something I have actually used before for COP1. I was really happy with the final outcome and quality of the publication printed by Blurb in the past and decided to re-design the book using the Blurb In-Design plug in on InDesign. The quote for the the same book without foiling would cost me around £104.00. This is also a much cheaper option for printing multiple copies if needed. Even though I will not be able to foil the cover, I am going to re-design the cover, to make it aesthetically prominent and eye catching in a different way.
Back to the layout. Due to using Blurb, I have changed the format of the book slightly to 8x10 inches which meant this altered the overall look and placement of elements on each page. I re-worked the grid system to the new book format, and re-worked the imagery using the previous layout design and layout design ideas as reference and inspiration for this slight change.
The page number size was changed along with the typography on the foreword and introductory decade pages. Body copy complimenting imagery was now very small, and the point size was changed accordingly.
Overall I am much happier with the new layout which can be seen below. I feel it has a much more fashionable, minimal, clean, sleek and timeless aesthetic.