Thursday, 25 September 2014


The initial book cover design was used on version 15 of the PDFs featured in my previous blog post. I envisioned a hardback book, covered with coated black stock, with gold foil blocked type. Almost being a 'bible' of bodies. I wanted to reflect quality within the book as well as remaining smart, sleek, simple and stripped back in terms of aesthetics.

This idea can be seen on the sketch below showing the front, back and spine. This aesthetic chosen was influenced and inspired by the minimal, monochrome pieces of work selected and shown on a previous blog post regarding coffee-table books and layout design.

Before being set on an idea for the cover at this stage, I wanted to get an initial quote for this to be printed professionally as a one off copy. Knowing what I had in mind could be costly I wanted to get an accurate figure. 

I usually print publications with Hobs or Blurb however, due to the foil blocking this would need to be outsourced to a specialist printers. 

I reached out to a contact I have a GRG Print, Leeds, of whom I have worked with Francis before printing previous projects for clients. I phoned up and gave the specifics at the moment from the drafts which are listed below:

156 pages + cover
140-160gsm gloss stock
Hardback, Perfect bound
Foil blocked cover, spine and back
25cm (w) x 30xm (h)

Based on these specs, just the printing plates alone would cost in excess of £250 without VAT and the cost itself of the foiling.

In total the book, as a one off copy would be around £750.00 with the idea I have in mind without VAT. This would include all printing, binding and foiling. 

To make it an economical process, I would need to order a print run of between 500-700 copies. 

Due to this major problem in terms of monies, I will have to rethink the cover design and come up with an alternative or a way around it.

Francis at GRG Print recommended I used Blurb for monetary costs, however foiling wouldn't be achievable then. However this is the first idea I have considered for the cover and needs to, and will be worked on more.