Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Due to the original print quote for a foiled cover, I experimented with the design and ideas for this more. In regards to the cover I wanted to develop one which was highly visual and stimulating opposed to minimal. I feel it needs to have imagery add context to the name and its contents, as well as allowing the reader to engage with the book itself more at first instance. 

I was really inspired by the duotones of the images used on the Graphic Design for Fashion book. The cover can be seen below. I love the femininity crossed with subtle embossing, playful imagery and bright colour.  This is something I wanted to carry out into my own practice for this book cover. I also like the displacement of the images with a slightly random undertone to the grid chosen.

Below shows two different ideas I have for my book cover being inspired by the cover shown above for Graphic Design for Fashion. Both covers I have put together feature the same information - blurb, spine, title, yet have a different layout, colour scheme and overall aesthetic.

Imagery collected during the research stages were used for both cover ideas, using different eras and decades to show a variety of body shapes and ideals on the second version.

I also began experimenting with duotone images using a navy blue to compliment the background colour. Different colour backgrounds have been applied to the covers below allowing a variety of overall tones and aesthetics to choose from. 

Above: My favourite out of all of the covers and colour schemes, as its feminine without being obviously pink, and will still compliment the inner pages of the book.