Thursday, 15 January 2015


I intend to show, inform and educate both males and females on the commercialisation of the female body image over the past 114 years (1900-2014), showcasing how considerably the ideal body image has changed as result of synthesising theoretical information with sociocultural, economic and environmental issues, in return leading to disordered eating and disordered views of a healthy body image in present day times.

In order to achieve this I will produce a perfect bound coffee table book, which will act as a seamless timeline of commercial images and information, showcasing and highlighting both obvious and subtle female bodily changes. Furthermore, each year/image which feature an analysis highlighting contextual and theoretical information supporting the dissertation, whilst answering questions and discussing relevant topics at hand.

The aesthetics and layout design will remain simple and clean cut in order to allow the imagery at hand to speak for itself where required. It's important not to overwhelm the reader with too much information at once, and to only give key, relevant points to compliment the message the image is portraying and exuding itself. One layout has been used throughout, with one column on the left hand side for the analysis and typography, and the right hand side featuring a photograph or illustration. This ultimately allows for easy reading. 

In addition, each photograph or illustration used is indexed with a source number, which corresponds to the source at the back of the book.

A coffee table book has been selected as the format for the publication due to a high-volume of imagery and subsequent type, which simply highlights key information and contexts throughout. In addition to this, coffee table books are designed and produced to stimulate thought and provoke conversation, which I feel is the main, most important and most desired outcome for its readers.