Thursday, 23 October 2014


I made a phone call to Kate, the administrator at SYEDA in Sheffield, the South Yorkshire Eating Disorder Association in regards to visiting in the next couple of weeks to ask some questions and gain some primary research for my dissertation. 

I used to be a patient under SYEDA for around 3 years, and feel I can happily go back as a recovered anorexic patient and would like to give them something back also.

 They have agreed a meeting with Mike the Charity Manager, and allowed me to write a survey for both patients and carers which can be filled in anonymously and sent back to me, in order to form a case study for my piece of critical writing. This will be invaluable research and a really good opportunity to talk to the charity as a recovered patient. I have also agreed in return for this help, to write a testimonial for them about their services which I am more than happy to do.

I was also advised by Kate to look into the following:

First Steps, Derbyshire
Barbie and Ken, "Over the Years Campaign" as said by Kate, showing the change in body shape over time.
NHS Seacroft In-Patient Unit, Leeds

I have since phoned the hospital at Seacroft, and as I had thought it will not be possible for me to go and speak to anyone due to privacy issues and the potential for discomfort of the patients, which I fully understand and appreciate.