Saturday, 18 October 2014


After presenting my COP3 presentation to the class, and to Richard and Amber yesterday, I have collated a list of questions prior to my first tutorial. As I am very ahead with this module, I was advised to be sure that the practical element fulfils its rationale by 110% and to ensure it is influenced by my practice. I feel as a designer interested in the fashion industry, and fashion related graphics, the influence from my other briefs I am currently working on, i.e. Jade Clark's Look Books will help with the layout design and overall aesthetics due to the image based editorial design. I also feel many of the books I have chosen to include on my reading lists for Extended Practice in terms of layout design and publishing design overlap with this module and will benefit me throughout the development of the layout. 

I am also hoping that feedback from the tutorial will help finalise the layout and the direction of the publication.

I feel the answers from the questions below will help ensure the practical element is as suitable and appropriate as possible.

1. Layout and Type Choices:

- Is the body copy legible and readable?
- Is it appropriately sized?
- Is the layout appropriate to the format?
- What is the overall aesthetic value portrayed as?
- Use of layout and grid choices?
- Overall format and execution - are these suitable, appropriate and fitting with the product/outcome/aims?

2. Audience:

- Is the design and information collated so far, suitable for the target audience?
- Does the publication overall appeal to the target audience?

3. Purpose:

- Does it fit the purpose/function/idea behind the book?
- Does it clearly convey a change of body image/shape across the 20th and 21st centuries?

4. Context and Imagery:

- Is the context suitable? 
- Are the images suitable?
- Does the book have enough context?
- Are social, economical and cultural issues/topics covered thoroughly and relevant?