Monday, 3 November 2014


On Friday I had my first COP3 tutorial with Richard, my dissertation tutor. Looking over the essay draft and drafted practical element, the points raised have been listed below, and are to be completed in preparation for the next tutorial on the week commencing the 17th of November. 

The notes made my Richard can be seen below, along with my own notes which I took also.

- Practical should be completely an Editorial based project.
- All the imagery used throughout the practical should be commercial images, allowing a discussion of how female bodies have been used/changed over the years to fit in with ideals promoted and commercialised, linking in with the subsequent rise of eating disorders.
- Library of Congress (USA) - Source for Advertisements and Commercial Imagery.
- Bring intellectual text from practical into the dissertation - Introduce in Chapter 1. This will allow further synthesis and allow the visual research to inform the argument of the dissertation. 
- Analysis of Imagery (Potentially a new chapter?)
- Introduction - set topic and question. Include a small paragraph for each chapter introducing the topic and theorist (what and why is this relevant?). 
- Each Chapter needs a mini conclusion. This also needs reiterating in the introduction. 
- Refer back to other chapters through dissertation where possible. 

I have decided the best way for me to make these changes, is to adapt the practical element and then feed the analysis and research from SYEDA into the dissertation itself causing further synthesis between image, commercialisation and eating disorders.